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Property Preparation

Some handy tips on getting your property prepared for sale

One Agency Real Estate Manwarring Property Group offers tips and a checklist for preparing your property for sale.

De-personalise    Help buyers imagine themselves in their new property. Remove wedding and family photos.               

De-clutter            Create a sense of space. Clean bench tops. Shelves with minimal clutter add appeal. Consider removing excess furniture.

Distractions         Hide electrical cords as best as possible. Ensure windows and glass surfaces are clean and streak free.

Lights                   Ensure lights/lamps are plugged in & work. Replace blown bulbs. Important!



View the exterior of your property from a buyer’s perspective. Fix or remove anything that is broken. Remove anything that distracts your attention or that doesn’t need to be there.

o      Bins – out of sight. In garage is preferable

o      Cars – garage or park outside neighbours. Please do not park directly out the front!

o      Gardens – weeded, hedges trimmed

o      Pot plants – well watered in days before

o      Hoses – out of sight or coiled on a rack

o      Driveways – remove stains if possible

o      Paths/decks – swept or washed

o      Pet bowls – hidden from view

o      Clothes line – washing away please

o      Leaves – cleared, paths and lawns too

o      Lawns – mowed. Neat but not too short

o      Cleaning equipment, cover and chemicals – out of sight. Garage can be handy!


Decide which rooms you wish to showcase in the photos. Make these rooms the best they can be. Other rooms can be used to temporarily store items removed from the feature rooms.



o      Mirror/shower screen – clean and streak free

o      Personal items put away (e.g. toothbrushes)

o      Colour coordinated towels, neatly folded

o      De-clutter. Remove clothes baskets, toy boxes

o      Toilet – lid & seat down. Sanitised and dust free



o      De-personalise – remove family photos

o      Clear tables/desks – remotes, magazines, bills/paper etc.

o      Lamps – Check all work

o      Furniture – arrange to highlight features of room. Make it stylish!

o      Remove excess furniture if possible to increase sense of space

o      Pot plants – water well in days before shoot

o      Toys – hidden, out of sight

o      Rugs – align with room or remove


o      Beds- all freshly made

o      Lamps – check bedside lamps work

o      Desks – clutter free



o      Refrigerator – remove magnets, photos etc. Completely clear please.

o      Dishes – wash and put away

o      Bench tops – clean and clear. Hide small appliances

o      Oven/microwave – external surfaces clean and streak free

o      Pet food bowl – out of sight

o       Lights – check all work. Range hood and bench lights especially.

If you would like any further guide guidance on preparing your property for the photo shoot, please call us. We are delighted to help.  0457 200 210